The annual report on mental health for the year 2023 revealed shocking results regarding the mental health of people in several Arab countries, as some of them ranked very late. However, young people in various countries of the world are the most affected among all age groups.

The nonprofit research organization Sapien Labs has released its 2022 Annual Mental Health Report. The organization is conducting this global survey for the third year in a row and its results have been published in the "Times News" electronic newspaper. The report collects data obtained in nine languages from nearly 500,000 people in 64 countries around the world during 2022. According to the organization, this number is much higher than in 2021, making the report the largest database on mental health in the world.

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Initially, the annual report indicated that the mental health situation during 2022 remained the same as it was during 2021, and no recovery appeared after the significant decline that lasted for two years due to Corona injuries. At the height of the epidemic, nearly a third of the population had mental health problems. The report says that young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are five times more likely to develop psychological problems than the older generation. According to the organization, increasingly higher rates of family instability, problems and lack of love and emotional warmth have been recorded during childhood in younger adults, compared to their parents' generation.

Arab countries at the bottom of the list

And the organization warned that younger adults who grow up in turbulent family relationships and do not have friends are ten times more likely to suffer from major psychological problems compared to those who have close family ties and friendships. The report found that the Corona epidemic has severely affected people's psychological and mental health as well as their relationships all over the world, especially young people.

The annual report also revealed that the deterioration of mental health during the pandemic period did not record any clear improvement, according to a measure called the "mental health score". It was found that the average score has fallen by 33 points, on a 300-point scale, over the past two years and has so far shown no signs of improvement and has remained at the same level as it was in 2021.

According to the report, family relationships have diminished all over the world, which is detrimental to the psychological and mental health of any person.

While Tanzania, Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela are among the countries with the highest scores for mental health, Britain, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and Brazil rank lower.

On the Arab level, Saudi Arabia and the UAE came in the middle ranks in terms of the mental health of citizens, and other Arab countries, including Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Algeria and Jordan, ranked last.