Colds, which are accompanied by cough, cold and cold, are among the most common diseases that young children are exposed to. Their exposure to germs increases their immunity, but it also exposes them to infection with such viruses. 

In normal cases, the child can be cured without resorting to taking medicines using natural recipes prepared at home with obtaining Good, healthy nutrition and good warmth can treat a cough in children and other symptoms of the common cold.

 Cold and cough in children Natural remedies with herbs and some foods come with effective results with the roles of cold and mild cough. Doctors usually advise taking warm fluids and vitamin “C” throughout the winter and autumn season to prevent colds, and also at the beginning of simple flu roles, these recipes can bring good results And, importantly, all this happens after consulting a doctor.

Treatment of cough in children Pay attention first to the sound of the cough in your child, knowing the cause helps you choose the best home remedy, and then you can explain the cough to your doctor correctly as follows: A deep cough coming from the lower chest: This is likely due to mucus in the airways. Cough coming from the throat (dry cough): this may be due to inflammation and swelling around the larynx. Light coughing with breathing: This may be due to the nose dripping from the back of the throat. Home recipes to treat cough in children 

1- Lemon with honey for cough A teaspoon of honey with juice of half a lemon, an effective treatment for cough and the onset of influenza, lemon is a good source of vitamin “C” that fights the influenza virus, and strengthens immunity, while natural white honey is known to be an effective anti-inflammatory and helps Significantly increased immunity.

 2- Orange juice with carrots Carrots, oranges and tangerines are foods rich in vitamins and have a direct effect in relieving the symptoms of cold and cough and increasing immunity. Clean some carrots and boil them well, and you can mix them with orange juice in a blender without sugar. Serve the wonderful juice to you and your child throughout the day, and believe me. Your child will love it very much. 

3- Anise and cough A warm anise drink helps calm cough and cold symptoms as well, and it can be sweetened with honey and served to your child 3 times throughout the day, and drink with him to encourage him to do so.

 4- Mint and coughing. Boiled mint helps relieve a stuffy nose, calm a cough and relax. A warm mint drink sweetened with honey can be served to the child twice throughout the day. The steam rising from the boiled mint leaves can be inhaled to clear a blocked nose.

5- Nigella sativa and cough (black cumin) Nigella sativa has great benefits, foremost of which is strengthening immunity and accelerating recovery from colds, and you can offer it to your child on a spoonful of honey or with chicken soup or added to milk.

Treatment of cough in children at bedtime Cough, cold and other symptoms of cold increase in severity at night, especially at bedtime, so make sure of the following every night that your child goes to sleep:

1_Change the bed and not leave it for more than two days in case your child has a cold and its various symptoms.

2_The room in which your child sleeps is constantly ventilated and the sun gets into it.

Pay attention to the pillows that your child sleeps on, make them comfortable and keep your child's head elevated when sleeping so that he breathes well.

 3_You can massage your child on the chest area with olive oil before bedtime and warm it up with cotton clothes.

4_Do not over cover your baby and make sure that his temperature is moderate, as well as the temperature of the room in which he sleeps.

5_Finally, all the natural remedies mentioned above do not dispense with visiting the doctor and prescribing the necessary medicine to treat cough in children in case the disease is severe, or the cough becomes accompanied by phlegm, or other cold symptoms have increased.