With the end of pregnancy, many women are looking for ways to facilitate childbirth, and during the search journey, you hear a lot of tips, methods and ways that you can do, but there is nothing better than natural methods. A recent study has shown that healthy infants are the ones who remain in the mother's womb for at least 39 weeks. Therefore, doctors do not advise following any methods to facilitate childbirth until after this period has passed. Especially since there are many factors that affect the facilitation of childbirth and one of the most important of these factors is the way the pregnant woman relaxes and also the position of the child in the mother’s womb. We will present to you a set of the simplest ways to facilitate childbirth.

Methods of facilitating childbirth:

1. Increase physical activity:

Keeping you fit and exercising regularly throughout pregnancy facilitates positive delivery. If you do exercise such as yoga or walking helps in the long run. Because this may put a kind of pressure on the fetus and induce childbirth.

2. Climbing the ladder:Everyone may be advised to walk to facilitate childbirth, but also climbing the stairs is a simple exercise that makes it easier for the baby’s head to reach the cervix easily, especially when taking bigger steps when climbing the ladder because this represents more pressure when raising the legs up and more pressure on the cervix

3. Eat foods that stimulate childbirth:

There are many foods that stimulate childbirth, such as pineapple, which contains an enzyme called bromelain, and this enzyme works to ripen the cervix. Foods that stimulate labor include spicy foods and foods containing basil, thyme and ginger.

4. Too much fruits:

There is a group of fruits that doctors advise to increase in the last period of pregnancy, which are kiwi, mango, and papaya because they contain enzymes that stimulate contractions and ripening of the cervix.

Also, dried fruits are a good ingredient for facilitating childbirth because they are rich in iron, which helps reduce the chances of anemia (anemia can lead to severe bleeding after childbirth), so it is necessary to maintain a balanced level of iron without the need for iron supplements.

5. Garlic:Garlic is one of the important elements to facilitate childbirth, as well as foods rich in spices such as curry, but garlic is the most powerful ingredient that works to stimulate and facilitate childbirth because it stimulates the intestines and gets rid of stool, thus giving the child space to move better and descend during childbirth.

6. Take a warm bath:

When taking a warm bath, the muscles relax and the body is ready for childbirth. But it is not recommended that the water be too hot, because the high temperature of the water causes stress to the child. It is preferable to add a few drops of essential oil to the water, such as lavender, to increase relaxation.

7. Feet Massage:

I have noticed the effectiveness of this method in facilitating childbirth and produces surprising results for pregnant women and can induce labor contractions within 48 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to think about practicing this technique and massaging the feet well in order to become effective in managing pain during childbirth.

8. Aloe vera:

It has been proven that aloe vera leads to premature labour, and when consuming a glass of aloe vera juice in the short term before birth stimulates uterine contractions, however, you must make sure to conduct medical tests to know the possible side effects before trying this step.

9. Black vinegar:

When you add a little black vinegar to your salad dish during pregnancy, it will facilitate childbirth naturally. Research has proven that there are many other types of vinegar that stimulate and facilitate childbirth, but the most effective is black vinegar.

10. Banana:

Banana is one of the fruits rich in potassium, which aims to increase muscle contractions and becomes a useful element because it is rich in potassium and avoids the damages of taking potassium supplements that may be toxic and unhealthy during pregnancy.

11. Basil:

When basil is included in various recipes, or making basil tea is one of the best natural and fresh methods when thinking about facilitating childbirth.

12. Using a medicine ball:

The medicine ball is used in various exercises and when sitting on it helps the child to move down the pelvis and become in the birth position.

13. Black/Blue Cohosh:

When you get it in the form of tea, it helps facilitate childbirth, as it increases contractions, and there are some reports that have proven that it has many bad side effects for the mother and the child, so you should talk to the doctor when taking it for the first time.

14. Car ride:

Sometimes the baby needs a little rocking in order to push and move down the womb and into the birth position.

5. Castor oil:

Castor oil has been proven effective in only about 57% of women, as it causes some symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and increased contractions.

16. Try Chinese Food:

Some researches stated that Chinese meals are one of the most important ways to facilitate childbirth.

17. Sage Essential Oil:It is one of the oils that you can use in body massage and prenatal massage to facilitate natural childbirth.

18. Crying or laughing:

Watching a sad movie, followed by a comedy movie, thus achieving crying and laughter and the secretion of hormones that facilitate childbirth in a positive way.

19. Dance:

When making a slight movement of the hips and dancing, it works to move the child from its position and reaches the bottom of the womb in order for it to be ready for birth.

20. Intimacy:

Intimacy before childbirth dilates the cervix, and according to one study, the dilation of the cervix facilitates childbirth.

21. Evening Primrose Oil:

You can take this oil orally since week 35 or use it internally by applying it to the underwear in order to soften the cervix and facilitate the exit of the fetus from the uterus.

22. The position of kneeling on the feet:

When kneeling on the feet and hands, and moving the hips back and forth, the pelvis tilts and the fetus is moved in the event that the fetus is not in the natural place for birth.

23. Chocolate Cake:

When eating chocolate cake, it helps facilitate childbirth, because chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which helps in the production of oxytocin and endorphins, which are elements that relax the body and muscles and thus facilitate childbirth.

24. Licorice:

When you try a natural method, such as eating licorice, especially low-sugar licorice juice, it acts as a laxative and causes intestinal cramps.

25. Mandarin Oil:

One of the most oils that you can use to get more relaxation, whether by incorporating it in the bathtub or massage to make childbirth easier.

26. Olive Oil:

Olive oil has a laxative effect like castor oil, and many studies have been conducted on its use as a natural laxative to facilitate childbirth.

27. Orgasm:

When you have many orgasms during the last period of pregnancy, a lot of contractions occur, thus facilitating childbirth.

28. Yoga:

It is one of the most exercises that facilitate childbirth, so we recommend that you buy books to learn yoga during pregnancy or watch videos that teach yoga lessons.

29. Orange juice and milk:

In order to give the body a strong PH boost and balance the acidity of the body, you can make this mixture to facilitate childbirth.

30. Ginger and Cinnamon Biscuits

You can prepare ginger and cinnamon biscuits to eat in the last period of pregnancy and facilitate natural childbirth because it contains spices that increase contractions.

31. Sit on the swing:

This method can be an alternative to riding a car because it works to move the baby to the birth canal and is one of the easiest ways that doctors advise.

32. Swimming:

One of the exercises that facilitate childbirth because it increases muscle relaxation and facilitates childbirth.

33. Semen:

The arrival of the semen from the man to the woman during intercourse causes the cervix to dilate and widen, thus facilitating childbirth.

34. Squatting:

When practicing squatting, it helps to move the baby down and to a position that facilitates its exit during birth

35- Practicing intimacy Exercising intimacy during the ninth month of pregnancy in particular, would help stimulate the uterus and be fully prepared for natural childbirth, so doctors advise to regularly practice it before giving birth. A pregnant woman from any complications, such as bleeding or pain.

 36- Breast nipples massage Regularly massaging the nipples during the last period of pregnancy can help increase the secretion of oxytocin responsible for reducing uterine contractions, stimulating labor, and thus facilitating natural childbirth.