The boredom and boredom that affects children from the first day of summer vacation is a condition that includes all children and prevails in all homes. Since I do not like my children to spend all their day watching TV or playing electronic games, I have resorted to some home games that will make them feel happy and fill their time with something useful. I am pleased to share with you some of these ideas and games to entertain the child at home:

You even built your dream palace using colorful LEGO! Can it be denied? The building game is one of the best activities for children at home and the most preferred by children, and perhaps the secret lies in the fact that it is an exceptional game that combines entertainment, creative thinking, focus and imagination!
No, this game is not the same as invisibility or hide-and-seek, but it takes another curve, as you hide something your child loves at home, and he searches for it during a certain period of time, and if he finds what you hid, he is given it as a prize for him . The game of hiding is one of the most prominent ideas for playing with children at home that keeps them in a state of constant activity, and if you want to make it more enthusiastic, you can help your child by providing hints that are similar to puzzles, in order to develop his thinking skill.
drawing and coloring

Is this the first time you've heard of freezing action? Don't worry, the idea of ​​this game is very simple! All you have to do is turn on the music your child loves and start dancing with him until one of you takes turns saying “stop”! Then you must stop immediately, and the loss will be for those who cannot bear standing still! Fun game isn't it?
words game
The word game is one of the most prominent ideas of games for children at home that revolves around you mentioning a word from a specific field or category, and the child mentions a word that begins with the last letter of the previous sentence during a predetermined period of time! For example, you say the word “cherry” from the category of plants, and your child mentions the word “olive” and then you continue to say the word “pomegranate” and so on.
educational quiz
When organizing children's activities, the activities must include options that contribute to expanding your perceptions
Thinking and urging them to use their scientific skills, so it is possible to make a family competition that tests children in their general knowledge, or take the competition to a professional level and divide it into levels that test children in various scientific subjects.
hide and seek game

1. Shopping game

In it, I ask my child to go and buy some vegetables or some sweets, and I give him a paper bag or a basket with two handles so that he is ready for the home shopping tour, so he goes to the next room and collects some boxes and toys that he imagines as the things that I asked for.

2. Camp Game

In this game, we need a set of sheets and pillows that we will form in the form of a tent, as it will look like an indoor house for the child.

3. Bowling

I use empty plastic recycling bottles instead of bowling alleys, then throw a small rubber ball trying to hit as many of these bottles as possible.

4. Indoor sandbox game

Fill a large cardboard box or baby bathtub with beans, rice, oats or salt and make another kind of “sandbox” out of it, then give them some plastic cups, wooden spoons, sand toys so they can enjoy digging, digging, pouring, etc.

5. Missing Purpose

We collect various household objects or household toys and put them on the table and give the child time to contemplate these objects, then ask him to close his eyes and hide an object from them, and he should know the missing object

6. What's in the bag game

I put a bunch of small, unbreakable household items inside a pillow case and tie it at the top, then ask them to see what's in the bag by touching it.

7. Where is the ball game?

I put three inverted cups and put a piece of paper on each of them with a specific letter written on it. Then I move these cups and ask them to find out where each letter is.

8. Dance

Dancing is one of the most energizing and energizing activities, by playing my children's favorite songs, and then we start dancing together.

9. Imagination games

We exchange roles, so I became the daughter, for example, and they became the fathers. Or I am the student, and they are the teachers. Or I am in trouble, and they are the saviors..and so on.

10. Improv story game

This game requires at least three people. The first person says a sentence such as (I went to the market), and the other child has to repeat the first sentence and add a complementary sentence to it, ... and so on. In the event that one of the children forgets a sentence during repetition, he will exit the game, and the winner is the child who remains until the end.

11. Cooking

Cooking with children is one of the most beautiful and fun moments, and every step in it can be considered a way to participate in preparing a meal. You can agree to make dinner together, ask them to do the safe chores, such as peeling vegetables, flipping salads, bringing vegetables, or setting the table and chairs, and of course they will love to eat what they prepared themselves.

12. Character game

Mention a specific letter, and each child should mention a name (boy, girl, animal, plant, country) that begins with this letter

lego game

Colors and paper are among the basic supplies that a child needs to express what is on his mind! Help your child spend an entertaining and useful time at home while he does his scribbles and drawings by providing him with good drawing and coloring equipment.

                                  Action and Freeze game

One of the most entertaining games for children at home is the game of hide and seek, as many children prefer this game over other children's games at home! There is no doubt that the game of hide and seek encourages the spirit of exploration in your child


One of the most important activities for children at home that you should focus on in particular is reading, as it is the key to survival, learning and development, so make sure that you provide various books that attract your child’s attention of all kinds, and watch him spend long hours turning the pages one by one without getting bored.

watching a movie

Our list of the best activities to keep kids entertained at home can't be complete without making time for your child to watch one of the fun kids' movies on TV. Choose the appropriate movie for your child's age, and make sure that its story is saturated with interest and heroic adventures.

Playing sports

There are several exercises available for children at home that will strengthen their muscles and maintain their bodies, so make sure that your child does various exercises in an appropriate atmosphere! And don't forget to play motivational music that will encourage them to exercise without stopping.

Other examples of fun activities and games for children at home

Electronic games

Paper-and-pencil games (XO

Bubbles in the bathtub

Puzzle and installation

cake making

Telling the most wonderful children's stories

the imagination