Fenugreek: It was said in the past that if people knew the value of the ring, it would be weighed in gold, and to get rid of its annoying smell, lemon peels and vanilla sticks are added to the boiled ring.

Drinks that help you get pregnant quickly There are many drinks that increase the chance of getting pregnant quickly, especially herbs that boil and drink, so we will talk about the most important drinks that help get pregnant quickly, including:
1-Tuberculosis, milk and walnuts: This drink is prepared by crushing four grains of walnuts and mixing them with two teaspoons of natural bee honey with a glass of milk. It is drunk in the last three days of the cycle, and it is drunk once or twice a day. 
2-For pineapple: A fresh pineapple syrup is prepared, and it is drunk from the first day after the period until the fifteenth day of the cycle, but in the event of pregnancy, you must stop drinking it; Because it causes a miscarriage.
3-Fenugreek: Boil a cup of fresh milk with two teaspoons of fenugreek, and drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach, starting from the second day of the cycle and for five days.
4-Labarqdoush: Bardafush helps regulate hormones, thus increasing the chance of pregnancy. The drink is prepared by soaking it in a cup of lukewarm water for ten minutes, then filtering it and drinking it twice a day.
5-Chamomile: Soak an appropriate amount of chamomile in a cup of boiling water for three minutes, and drink it during and after the menstrual cycle.
6-Cystitis: We prepare this mixture by soaking a handful of myrrh, a piece of asafoetida, a handful of myrrh frankincense, and two teaspoons of nigella in an appropriate amount of water, then filtered and drunk in the early morning on an empty stomach by the amount of a cup, where you drink on the fourth day. The fifth and sixth of the menstrual cycle.

7-Fresh sage: Prepare a sage drink by taking its leaves, then soaking it in a cup of hot water, leaving it for three minutes, and then drinking it during the menstrual cycle, but it is forbidden to use it for more than nineteen days.
8-Al Madinah herb: Half a tablespoon of the city herb is mixed with a cup of hot milk in the morning and evening from the first day of the cycle until the fifth day.
A natural mixture that helps to get pregnant
1-Two teaspoons of each: ground fenugreek, cumin, and ground cinnamon.
2-Two teaspoons of ground cumin. Topics that may interest you
How to use:
1-Mix ground fenugreek, cumin, ground cinnamon and ground nigella with a small amount of water in a cup, then add hot water to it until it fills the cup, then cover and leave it until the next day.
2-Drink the mixture early in the morning, two hours before eating, as the sediment is at the bottom of the cup and the clear water is at the top, but you should pay attention to the necessity of not eating anything during the specified period of time.
3-Drink this drink on the third, fourth, and fifth day of the menstrual cycle, with the need to soak the mixture a night before eating it, and drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach.

If your pregnancy is late, you should look for treatment, and the best treatment should be herbal, because hormonal treatment often causes serious side effects, in the event of poor ovulation, which is the first rule in the causes of pregnancy, and therefore Dr. Sana Abdel Moneim - a therapeutic nutritionist - offers you this list Among the herbs that help in stimulating the ovaries in their work, as well as raising your chances of pregnancy, are as follows

Star anise: It is known as estrogenic anise due to its richness in estrogen. It is sold in pharmacies in the form of a visual extract.

Cumin seeds contain the element boron, which increases the chances of pregnancy and is taken by stinging after grinding it.

These herbs, whose seeds or leaves are boiled, contain female hormones and reduce the level of male hormones in women, which increases the chances of pregnancy.

Nettle: It contains a large proportion of estrogen and increases the milk of nursing mothers.

Dates that are wet were mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

Dates contain a high nutritional value, as they are useful for women before and after pregnancy and during the lactation and postpartum period.

Dates and milk regulate women's hormones.

Strawberries, apples, figs and cherries: These golden fruits increase the chances of pregnancy because they raise the level of estrogen.

A woman should get her share of vitamin C every day because this vitamin increases her chances of getting pregnant.