Lubricants have an important and essential role during an intimate relationship, and their absence causes problems for both parties in some cases, and may even push a woman to avoid having an intimate relationship to avoid the pain resulting from it. There are many types available in pharmacies, between oily, silicone and water lubricants, but the possibility of making a natural lubricant at home is not impossible, and in the coming lines you will learn about a group of materials and steps that enable you to obtain a natural lubricant that does not cause any complications. But before you get to know how to get a natural lubricant, you first need to know the situations in which lubricants can be used.

Cases in which lubricants are used in intimate relationships are natural vaginal dryness in women, which is not associated with a certain age stage, which causes great pain during intimate relationship, which may result in marital problems between the two parties. Women’s hormonal problems such as menopause, pregnancy or stress, which cause vaginal dryness. The penis should be large, so the lubricants reduce pain and facilitate intimacy. If a long period passes without intercourse, the vagina narrows if penetration does not occur for a long time.

Cactus gel

Vaseline can be used during intimacy as a lubricant, but Vaseline has a thick texture, and you can dilute it with any other natural oils.


Sweet almond oil is a natural lubricant that keeps the mouth

 moisturized for a long time as well, and here it is important to differentiate between sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil, as sweet almond does not cause damage when used or side effects, unlike bitter almond oil, which requires its use in quantities. Exiting certain items may cause damage.
What is meant here by yogurt, is natural, not mixed with any other odors or flavors. You can use yogurt as a lubricant during intimacy, without worrying about damage to it.
The previous lubricants can be used easily during intimacy, but not all natural oils can be used, some of them may cause damage, such as hot oils, or peppermint oil, which may sometimes cause burns to the skin. In the case of relying on condoms as a method and pill for contraception, it is necessary to take into account this when using natural oils as lubricants, as they work on the instability of the condom during intimate relationship and thus may cause pregnancy.

Aloe vera gel can be used as a natural lubricant, but it is necessary to choose the natural type that is not mixed with artificial ingredients and ensure that, so as not to irritate the skin, or cause health problems. Natural aloe vera gel is safe and does not cause problems when used with condoms, so it is one of the best natural materials that can be used as a lubricant without worrying about causing side effects. But watch out! Aloe vera gel contains “latex”, so it is important to make sure that its use does not cause an allergy, so before using it as a natural lubricant, put it on the skin, and in case of an allergy to it, avoid using it in intimate relationship.

Coconut Oil

Here, it is necessary to use natural coconut oil, not mixed with other materials, and to ensure that the oil used is pure natural oil, coconut oils are one of the oils that freeze at room temperature, but soften when used and placed on the skin. The oil used is not 100% natural and should not be used during intimacy. Coconut oil has benefits when used as a natural lubricant, as it helps kill fungi and reduce inflammation

olive oil:

Using olive oil as a lubricant helps moisturize the vaginal area, and does not cause any collateral damage. Rather, it is a natural lubricant that lasts for a long time, unlike what happens in some water lubricants that dry out over time, which makes olive oil in intimate relationship maintains Moisturizing the vagina for a longer time. petroleum jelly

petroleum jelly: