Ways to eat oats for breakfast and its various benefits and a special way with oats for your children

Ways to eat oats for breakfast and its various benefits and a special way with oats for your children

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Cereals are rich in fiber and minerals necessary for any vital activity of the human being, what more than that would you need for your breakfast? Learn about 3 ways to eat oats for breakfast

Cereals rich in fiber and minerals necessary for any vital human activity, what more than that you will need for your breakfast? Learn 3 ways to eat oats for breakfast.

What is oats?

It is a herbaceous plant, and at the same time it is a plant that is considered a grain, and you will find it similar to wheat and barley in shape, but it is medium in size, and its first appearance was in the north of the European continent, but it is now spreading widely in the United States of America, because the United States of America contains the largest percentage of infection Obesity in the world, and one of the most important advantages of oats is that it loses weight, because it is rich in fast-burning fibers, and it is also spread in Turkey and the Levant.

Types of oats:

- Ordinary oats, which are spread in all stores, large and small, and are the best among all types, because they are the least in calories.

Sweetened oats, which have added sugar, which means that they contain more calories.

Oats with larger flakes, which are preferred by some because they cause a feeling of satiety faster.

How to make oats for breakfast:

1- Oats with yogurt:

Put two tablespoons of oats on a 190-gram package of yogurt, and start stirring the mixture well until it becomes a cohesive mixture.

2- Oats with milk and nuts:

In a small tray, add half a cup of nuts to the honey and put them in the oven for a quarter of an hour.

- Bring another bowl to add a cup of oats to a cup and a half of milk and put it in the microwave for three minutes.

Finally, you will add nuts to the milk and oats.

You can add the kind of fruit you like.

3- Oats and Cinnamon:

Add half a cup of oats to a cup of water in a suitable bowl and put it in the microwave for three minutes.

Add sliced ​​bananas and a pinch of cinnamon and enjoy a healthy breakfast with oats, enough for the rest of the day.

Benefits of oats:

It prevents the adhesion of fats to the walls of the blood vessels, which prevents the spread of cholesterol in the body, and also makes the blood vessels clean, which gives them full efficiency to continue to transport blood in a disciplined manner inside the human body, and this is necessarily reflected on the blood circulation, which leads to preserving the heart and protecting it from clots.

It helps in digestion and prevents constipation, because it is rich in fast-burning fibers and stimulates weight loss.

Oats act as a natural antidote to mental disorders such as depression, frustration and excessive nervousness.

Being rich in fiber, oats are among the first plants to fight stomach cancer.

And oats, as they help the stomach and digestion process, as well as anti-anxiety and depression, it helps a strong sleep.

Oats for children:

- Strengthens the immune system, which is very much needed by children in order to avoid all diseases that attack children.

A rich source of vegetable protein, which builds the muscles needed to build a strong body for children at the beginning of the building process of their bodies in their childhood.

A clean source of energy for children for all their daily activities.

How to make oatmeal cookies:

Kids love cookies, add oats to add interest to their love.


- A cup of oats, ground and filtered by sifting.

Half a cup of flour.

A quarter cup of sugar.

Half a cup of butter.

Cinnamon spoon.

- A pinch of salt.

- an egg.

A spoonful of vanilla.

- Pinch of baking powder.

How to prepare:

- Mix the butter with the sugar, put the egg with the vanilla and continue mixing and finally you will add the oats, flour, cinnamon, salt.

- Shape the dough and put it on a tray greased with butter.

Put it in the oven for ten minutes, or until it turns golden.

You can include oats in all your children's desserts and also make their breakfast a plate of oats with milk.