Earbuds damage

Excessive use of headphones or using them in the wrong way results in several damages, as follows:
Impaired sense of hearing

The World Health Organization issued a statement explaining that nearly one billion young people around the world are at risk of hearing loss as a result of the wrong use of headphones,

as indicated by a study conducted by a team from Ghent University led by Professor Hana Kepler by exposing a group of people To listen to music through headphones during 6 sessions, during which many different types of music were selected that were played through a (MP3) player, and the results of this test showed that the participants experienced a decrease in hearing sensitivity.

Damage to the inner part of the ear
Listening to loud music from headphones can damage the inner part of the ear, specifically the small hair cells. Where these hair cells change sound into electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain through nerves, and exposure of these cells to loud sounds emitted by headphones leads to a loss of hearing in the user over time. 

Long-term use of headphones causes a sound similar to tinnitus in the user's ear,[4] as this results from damage to the hair cells in the cochlea, and it should be noted that more than 50% of people who suffer from tinnitus are susceptible to high sensitivity to natural sounds.

ear infections
Earbuds can cause infections in the ear canal, as headphones prevent the passage of air through the channels, and prolonged and repeated use of headphones can lead to an increase in bacteria in the user’s ear,and the use of headphones by more than one person leads to an increase in the number of bacteria present in the ear. Transmission of ear infections from one person to another.