The areas that men love in a woman’s body attract men to bond with them, in addition to her personality traits, but today we shed light on the weaknesses of men in a woman’s body in detail. Which women should take care of, and pay attention to wearing the fashion that highlights these areas in front of her lover and husband in order to gain his love.

The areas that a man loves in a woman’s body The innate sexual instinct in a man makes him chase the woman who provokes him, and there are some areas that a man loves in a woman’s body that provoke his innate instinct, including:

1-Buttocks area, men tend to women who have full buttocks. The fact that this area indicates the fertility of the woman. And her ability to have children in the future

2-Breast area, men tend to women who have full and sexy breasts. He loves the cleavage and crevice that appears between the breasts.

3-It is worth noting that there are psychological studies that show that the man's excitement in this area is due to the hormones that were produced from his mother's breast during breastfeeding. Others indicate that the reason is related to the biological difference between the body of women and men in this region.

4-Thighs area, men tend to touch this part of a woman's body. He loves subconscious kissing, and this gives him enough fun and excitement to make his mind go completely.

5-The back area from below, this area provokes the man's lust and instinct. Being inclined to bite and kiss this area.

6-The waist area, this particular part of the woman's body is very soft and sensitive. Which excites the man to touch it and enjoy its softness.Men are usually attracted to women who have a thin waist. It highlights the divisions of the body dramatically.

7-Abdominal area, men prefer women who have a flat stomach. Kind of free from clumps of fat, splits, and curves. As well as free from extra small hairs

8-Men tend to be attracted to women who have a somewhat plump body. Consistently, however, it is neither a skinny body nor a plump body to the point of obesity.

The weak point of a man in a woman’s body There is another group of areas that a man loves in a woman’s body and that a woman does not pay attention to, because she does not imagine that these areas may provoke a man, and from these areas

1-Hair: Men are initially attracted to the length, health, smoothness and luster of a woman's hair. This is the first thing that attracts his attention to her. He bites the idea of running his fingers through her hair smoothly.

2-For lips, studies show the psychology of men and the signs that attract him in women. Chunky lips are what attract a man. And make him chase women with care and attention to relate to her

3-The eyes, the look of a woman may change the entity and soul of a man, especially her look that reflects love and seduction. A man tends to the eyes that show smile, happiness and seduction

4-The earlobe, a man loves to kiss this area, as it is a thin and smooth skin area.

5-The neck, the man raises the back of the woman's body, and enjoys kissing and touching this area.

6-The collarbone, this area is exciting for a man, and prefers to see a woman. She wears what accentuates this area. He tends to touch it from time to time and enjoys putting kisses on this area

7-Feet: A woman's foot is usually less massive than a man's. This is very tempting for a man, and this area usually turns him on and gets his attention. He tends to watch women wearing high heels that highlight the beauty of this area

8-Nails, this area receives the attention of men, as it is preferable to watch women's nails painted in bright bright colors. He loves to diversify the woman in choosing the colors that highlight the beauty of the nails and that suit the color of her skin.

Physical signs that a man likes in a woman

There are some signs that appear on the skin of some areas that a man loves in a woman’s body, and a woman may try to get rid of them, because she believes that these signs reduce the extent of her beauty, but they excite a man, including:

1-Moles, men are attracted to these moles that appear on a woman's face and in some areas of her body. He considers it a sign of being beautiful and sexy. Many women rely on consuming beauty products that hide these moles.

2-The difference in color between the areas of the body, the fact that there are areas that are exposed to sunlight in the summer in particular, without other areas. Which causes a difference in color between the skin of the hands and arm. Or between the feet and legs, but this difference excites the man, contrary to the belief of the woman.

Feminine movements that a man loves in a woman

A woman can take advantage of the list of areas that a man loves in a woman’s body to arouse the man, and to draw his attention to her. Among the most prominent female movements that she can do are the following:

1-Wear costumes that show a somewhat cleavage and volume of breasts. Which accentuates the collarbones, with hair falling on both sides of the neck. In order for the area behind the neck to be visible. And wear a light accessory such as a neck chain that falls behind the neck

2-Wearing high-heeled shoes, which highlight the beauty and softness of the feet. And wearing accessories such as simple anklets that highlight beauty and fit with the shape of the shoes

3-The movement of leaning the head on the shoulder of the man, in a way that appears as a spontaneous movement during the conversation. The fact that this movement excites the man and gives him the feeling that he is a source of safety for the woman.

4-Touching a man's hair while talking and discussing with him, in a gentle manner and caressing his hair. The fact that this movement enhances the hormone of happiness oxytocin in the body of a man. And make him raised and tends to love and adoration of women.

5-Calm tone During a man's speech, the tone of voice has a strong influence on a man's mind and heart. When a woman calms and softens her voice, she automatically attracts a man to her.

6-Distribution of smiles From time to time, a man tends to an optimistic woman who smiles constantly. Of course, her teeth are white, so a woman should take into account the movement of a light female smile. And take care of the dental area in order to appear beautiful and whiter while smiling