It takes a lot of things to get natural bodybuilding without steroids that beginners seek, because without steroids it is very difficult.It takes a lot of things to get natural bodybuilding without steroids that beginners seek, because without steroids it is very difficult.

Bodybuilding should be practiced to a maximum of 3 times a week, and this should be on a continuous basis so that you can get an effective result.

You should not stop exercising when you get the shape you want so that your body does not fall back and return to the way it was before.

The person seeking this should eat the best fresh vegetables and seafood that contain in their composition proteins, minerals and vitamins that the body needs, as they provide it with many of the benefits it needs to strengthen its muscles.

A person should try to walk every day for at least half an hour in the early morning.

You should drink at least one or two liters of water per day in order to help you get rid of toxins from your body.

You should eat a clove of garlic on an empty stomach with a glass of clear water, and after half an hour you should drink a milk drink and add 3 tablespoons of oats to it.

What are the benefits of practicing natural bodybuilding?

When you know the existence of the so-called natural bodybuilding, you will ask what the difference is in the physical benefits of natural bodybuilding from the bodies that use steroids, the difference lies in:

Natural bodybuilders maintain their muscle mass than bodybuilders who take steroids for a longer period after they stop exercising.

Natural bodybuilding is not affected by the damages that result from taking steroids, such as: (headaches, body sensitivity, heart problems) that appear due to an imbalance in the hormones due to these steroids.

Steroids retain water in the muscles and increase breast size, but natural bodybuilding does not.

Natural bodybuilders have prominence in the muscles of the body, and also stiffness in the muscle mass, as this gives the body a more beautiful shape and enhances its health.

The natural bodybuilder does not have ossification in the muscle tissue and the cracks in the body that occur by increasing the size of the muscles in a short time do not appear in the body.

Natural bodybuilders have an adequate increase in the proportion of growth hormones and male hormones.

It also causes an increase in the strength of the heart muscles and an increase in blood vessels, and an improvement in the rate of blood circulation in the body occurs faster in the process of transporting food and oxygen to all muscles.

Natural bodybuilding happens to convert fat into muscle, this is through an increase in the ratio of the metabolism process in the body.

Training tips for natural bodybuilders

The advice we give to natural bodybuilders is different from the advice we give to people who use anabolic steroids.

The natural body depends mainly on the energy that is stored in his body, this does not lead to a feeling of fatigue, as not all of his energy is exploited. Steroids, and here are some of these tips that we direct to natural bodybuilders:

Warm up for no more than 10 minutes, as this will help maintain the energy level in his body.

When a person exercises the muscles of the man, this leads to an increase in the percentage of testosterone hormone naturally in the body.

The person focuses on the large muscles in the body (chest, leg, back) and this is done through exercises, preferably after the rest days.

The weights for the exercise should be gradually and continuously increased between training sessions until there is a development in the tissues of the muscles and nerves.

Rest days should be from one to two days in order for an increase in muscle recovery to occur and also for the renewal of muscle cells that are in the muscle tissue.

 That the trained person performs the last two exercises of the training curriculum for each large muscle through sports equipment in order to help support the body in the process of lifting weight.

Natural Bodybuilding Exercise Methods

The exercises for natural bodybuilding are not many movements and exercises in this exercise, as he exercises naturally and does not take any type of muscle-building drugs or take hormones that help him form his body.

The number of rounds ranges from 4 to 8 batches, so the weight will naturally and gradually increase, meaning the rounds are (4 * 8) or (8-8-6-6) for large muscles and small muscles, through which we can learn how to do and perform these Exercise your natural bodybuilding correctly.

These exercises are done in 3 ways, which are days, and the fourth day is the day of rest. These exercises are:

 Chest, back and biceps.

Shoulders, back and triceps.

 Abdominal and leg muscles.

Cranks or legs every exercise day.

day off.

It must be fed immediately after the completion of the exercises, and the meal must be full of carbohydrates to compensate for the deficiency in the body from weight loss and calorie loss to restore the activity and vitality of the muscles, so the need for nutrition is according to the training goal such as: (Acquisition of muscle mass, chafing or drying All of them are known as programs and diets, but they differ from each other in terms of their implementation.

What are the harms that result from the use of steroids?

  Diseases of the liver and kidneys.

  Prostate enlargement can occur.

  Depression and mental disorders can occur to him.

A person can develop heart disease, especially an enlarged heart muscle.

A rise in blood pressure above its normal level.

Pimples can appear in all areas of the skin, especially on the face.

An individual may suffer from an increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood.

A person may experience nosebleeds.

Stomach pain that is persistent and severe can occur to a person.

The presence of chronic headaches.

He can go bald due to the constant loss of his hair.

Fruits :

Natural bodybuilding: Let's be clear, your food must be at least 50% of it vegetables and fruits, yes vegetables and fruits, for example, fruit with breakfast and it is fruit and vegetables in lunch and dinner, you must exceed 50% of your food, but the beautiful thing is that you can eat any Whatever type it was, whatever type you have is available, it is useful because they contain about 99.99% of human needs.

To give you a simple example, just note the food of the inhabitants of the desert, which is mostly like this, so you will find them in good health and physical strength, young and old, and even the elderly, and this is mainly due to the quality of food that is fresh and cooked, which is dominated by vegetables and fruits.

Drinking water :

Natural bodybuilding: Believe me, I know that you have heard this talk a thousand times, maybe or more, but you have to try and you will know why it is repeated in front of you because it is really strange, first you must know that you are all over each other about more than 80% water, yes your body is mostly water, so it is advised It is recommended by all specialists to drink in the morning on an empty stomach, and for us here in bodybuilding you drink between two to three liters.

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Here I mean the length of the day, not in one period or in one training session, but rather it starts from the morning to a little before bedtime, you have drank at least two liters. Water is very important for the body and muscles, even abnormal bodybuilding that depends on supplements. Not drinking water means killing the kidneys. It often means death, God saves everyone. Water diet and how to lose weight while following the water diet only

Unhealthy eating:

Unhealthy food is fast food and fried foods, and everything that needs oil to be cooked. Food that is saturated with oils and fats is useless, but more than that, it is harmful to you and will not benefit you, because the only thing you will gain from this type of eating is a large belly instead of building muscles.

Patience... patience... then patience:

Let's agree that in this normal, natural system, if you apply it, you will not see results after a month or two, it takes a while, but the beautiful thing is that after a short period you will feel the results, yes you will feel your health improve from your sleep, your stomach and your health in general, a feeling that I felt and he will not know Except for those who have tried, then you must keep in mind that this is a program for life and not building muscles in a month and then stop