Many people suffer from joint pain, especially women, in recent times, because they have to stand for long periods, whether at home or at work, which causes joint pain.

Arthritis is due to several reasons, including advanced age, genetic factors, changes in women's hormones, or weight gain, according to the "Web Medicine" website.

This problem is treated through medications that help reduce the condition and swelling, and take them under the supervision of a doctor, and by practicing some simple exercises that help strengthen muscles and reduce swelling.

In addition to medicines, you can use some oils that relieve pain.

- Mustard oil

Mustard oil is one of the best treatments used to get rid of arthritis, because it contains a large amount of calcium, which is the basis for the proper growth of joints, bones and muscles.

To use it, warm mustard oil and mix it with onion juice, massage the joint gently, then cover the joint with a plastic wrap and put a warm towel on it before going to sleep. Repeat the recipe daily until you feel better.

- olive oil

Olive oil has a magical ability to relieve pain, as half a tablespoon of it is equivalent to 200 grams of ibuprofen used to relieve inflammation. Massage with olive oil all areas affected by joint pain, but it is preferable to choose a good quality of olive oil when buying it.

Add at least two to three tablespoons of olive oil to the food, as it is characterized by its strong and effective pain relief when it is warmed and the knee is massaged with it. Make sure to massage daily.

- Apple cider vinegar

It is considered one of the healthiest and most widely used alternative therapies today and is beneficial in treating arthritis.

Mix a teaspoon of concentrated vinegar with a glass of water and take it after every meal. Massaging with it also helps relieve swollen and swollen veins in the legs.

This recipe helps to treat joint pain, legs, neck, back in a gradual way, and it also has many other benefits that you enjoy.

Here are the ingredients of the revolutionary and magical recipe to get rid of all bone pain

1 - 2 teaspoons of vegetable gelatin

2-cup of cold water

3- 1 tablespoon of white honey

How to prepare

1- Put two teaspoons of vegetable gelatin in a cup of cold water, then stir them well

2- We leave it for a whole day

3- Moments before drinking it, we put a spoon of white honey

How to use

Drink this recipe on an empty stomach every morning immediately after waking up from sleep and continue to do so until you feel completely better