Raising children is not an easy task at all, but it requires that the spouses be understanding and fully aware of the responsibility of raising children and all matters related to their proper upbringing.

In this article, we will show you the most important tips for raising children correctly:

Setting rules:

We should not punish the child before setting the rules, and do not blame him for something after allowing him to do a certain behavior.

Few commands:

You should reduce giving orders and trying to talk to and discuss with children.

Do not force the child:

We should not force the child to be a copy of the father and mother and give him the freedom to be different.

Talk to him:

You should talk to him and tell him what he can do or talk about and what he can't talk or do.

- Role models:

Parents should be role models and their actions and words should be consistent as their children learn from them.

Complaining about him:

You should not complain about him or mention his shortcomings in front of others, especially in his presence.

Constant praise:

Praise should be specific, i.e. for a specific act such as helping you at home or helping his brothers, but we do not say you are wonderful.

Setting a timetable:

A daily routine should be established for getting up, eating, studying and even playing so that he gets used to the system.

Talk about the father well:

Speak about the father with good words in front of him, no matter how you feel, as well as the father, as the father and mother are role models and a source of safety for the children.


Common mistakes when raising children:

Some fathers tend to hit and abuse their children when they do not implement what is asked of them or when they go outside the boundaries of etiquette, but with the large number of beatings, the children are not affected by it and for them it becomes a normal thing.

 It is also necessary to avoid excessive pampering of children and the disadvantages of excessive pampering, such as frequent beatings, but there must also be a balance. Children must be given love, tenderness and safety as well, but all this is done in balance.

Also, a common mistake is the lack of equality between children in dealing, punishment or pampering, and this makes children feel lonely and jealous.

Behaviors that should not be done in front of children:

Taking full responsibility with the child gives the child a sense of lack of confidence in himself, so the son must be left to bear part of the responsibility, the writing of stories must not be left to the sons, and the truth will be discovered later, and the father or mother appears as a liar.

Also, one should not be extravagant in buying every ml that the son desires, as this leads to a lack of responsibility and pampering in excess of the permissible limit.

Some tips to teach your child arrangement, order and cleanliness easily:

Stick to a specific daily routine.

Ask your child for help and this teaches the children to cooperate.

Teaching the child to put things in their place, whether clothes, toys, or others, and this promotes cleanliness and order for children.

Be a yes role model where parents are role models for their children in everything, behavior, speech, the way others are treated, and others.